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Publication Date
5 January 2022

On the Circulation, Water Mass Distribution, and Nutrient Concentrations of the Western Chukchi Sea

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We compare observations and model results of the flow through Herald Canyon and determine that high-frequency variability dominates the flow in Herald Canyon.


According to model results, high-frequency variability dominates the flow in Herald Canyon. This leads us to conclude that long-term monitoring is necessary since short-term surveys are not able to quantify the mean flow and property transport.


We use data from several sections crossing Herald Canyon collected in 2008 and 2014 together with numerical modeling to investigate the circulation and transport in the western part of the Chukchi Sea. We find significant differences in volume, temperature, and salinity between years.  A substantial fraction of water from the Chukchi Sea enters the East Siberian Sea south of Wrangel Island and circulates in an anticyclonic direction around the island. 

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Jaclyn Clement Kinney
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)
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