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Submission Datesort ascending Title Author Institution
06/19/2013 The Spread in Snow-albedo Feedback Has Not Narrowed in the CMIP5 Ensemble Chen, Siyu
05/21/2013 Climate Model Simulations of Clouds Are Improving Chen, Siyu
04/29/2013 Two Modes of Sea-ice Gravity Drainage: A Parameterization for Large-scale Modeling Chen, Siyu
04/29/2013 Exploring a Global Multiresolution Modeling Approach Using Aquaplanet Simulations Chen, Siyu
04/16/2013 Reaching Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Concentration Goals Liu, Xiaohong
04/12/2013 New River-routing Model Improves Simulations of Water Movement within the Earth’s system Liu, Xiaohong
04/12/2013 Water Supply and Demand Liu, Xiaohong
03/25/2013 Double Trouble: Cloud Feedbacks and Rapid Adjustments to CO2 are Positive in Current GCMs Liu, Xiaohong
03/01/2013 A New Top Boundary Condition for Modeling Surface Diffusive Exchange of Generic Tracers Liu, Xiaohong
02/06/2013 A New Reactive Transport Solver Integrated in CLM4 and CLM4.5 Allows More Mechanistic Treatment of Processes and Evaluation of Uncertainties Liu, Xiaohong
01/23/2013 Climate Impacts of Ice Nucleation Liu, Xiaohong
01/17/2013 Current Generation of Climate Models Predict Loss of Permafrost Liu, Xiaohong
01/09/2013 CMIP3 Climate Models May Overestimate Global Warming by Underestimating Future Low Cloudiness Caldwell, Peter M
12/27/2012 Fast and Slow Responses of the South Asian Monsoon System to Anthropogenic Aerosols Caldwell, Peter M
12/19/2012 Metrics and Diagnostics for Climate Model Short-Range Hindcasts Ma, Hsi-Yen
12/06/2012 A Shortcut to Aerosol Signatures: Scientists find a way to separate the aerosol signal from the weather noise Ma, Hsi-Yen
12/06/2012 Effects of 3D Radiative Transfer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Gu, Y
12/06/2012 High Resolution Land Surface Parameters for the Community Land Model Gu, Y
10/23/2012 Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Aerosol: Satellite Images Reveal That Clouds Affect the Particles Surrounding Them Chand, Duli
10/23/2012 How to Catch Aerosols in the Act: Scientists Use Satellites to Measure How Pollution Particles Affect Clouds Wang, Minghuai
10/23/2012 Getting Collaborative About Climate: International Climate Research Team Finds Working Together Yields Best Results Wang, Minghuai
10/16/2012 A New Global River Network Database for Macroscale Hydrologic Modeling Wang, Minghuai
10/03/2012 Alaskan Soil Carbon Stocks Have Large Spatial Variability and Dependence on Environmental Factors Wang, Minghuai
08/24/2012 Fresh Water Feeds Hurricanes' Fury Kay, J. E.
08/23/2012 U.S. Southwestern Drought Projected by Regional Models in Warmer Climate Kay, J. E.
08/14/2012 Evaluating Arctic Clouds in Climate Models Kay, J. E.
08/03/2012 An Innovative Approach to Improve Assessment of Climate Model Clouds: Scientists show the latest Community Atmospheric Model (CAM5) significantly improves cloud simulations Kay, J. E.
08/02/2012 Many Forecast Errors Are Climate Errors Xie, Shaocheng
07/29/2012 Bytes for Bits: Researchers Develop a New, Efficient Aerosol Module for Climate Models Liu, Xiahong
07/26/2012 Pollution Weakens Monsoon's Might: Local, Global Emissions Suppress South Asian Summer Rainfall Ganguly, Dilip