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Submission Datesort ascending Title Author Institution
06/17/2016 Relative Contributions of Mean-State Shifts and ENSO-Driven Variability to Precipitation Changes in a Warming Climate Bonfils, Celine Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
06/11/2016 Comparing Model Predictions of Antarctic Ocean Warming that Drives Sea Level Rise Urban, Nathan M. Los Alamos National Laboratory
06/09/2016 Benchmark RRTMG_LW for the inclusion of surface spectral emissivity Huang, Xianglei the University of Michigan
05/11/2016 Mechanisms of Southern Ocean Heat Uptake and Transport Morrison, Adele Princeton University
04/27/2016 Observational Constraints on Mixed-Phase Clouds Imply Higher Climate Sensitivity Zelinka, Mark LLNL
04/13/2016 Sea Salt and Dust Emissions in the Community Atmosphere Model Ghan, Steven J. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
04/13/2016 Uncertainty in Future Projections of the North Pacific Subtropical High and its Implication for California Winter Precipitation Change Lu, Jian Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
03/31/2016 Improved Representation of Primary Carbonaceous Aerosol Ageing in CAM5 and ACME v1 Liu, Xiaohong University of Wyoming
03/18/2016 Aerosol Vertical Distribution Dissected Ghan, Steven J. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
03/18/2016 Hydrologic Model Structural Uncertainty Reduced by a Hierarchical Mixture of Experts and Diagnostic Modeling Approach Demissie, Yonas Washington State University
03/10/2016 Aerosol Effects on Different Types of Clouds Ghan, Steven J. Institute for Climate and Global Change Nanjing Univeristy
03/10/2016 Volcanic Aerosols in Climate Models Ghan, Steven J. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
03/10/2016 Local Finite-Amplitude Wave Activity as an Objective Diagnostic of Midlatitude Extreme Weather Lu, Jian Cornell University
03/10/2016 Rain-aerosol Relationships Influenced by Wind Speed Ghan, Steven J. Scripps Institution of Oceanography
03/07/2016 Today's Clouds: They Aren't Reliable Reporters Ghan, Steven J. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
03/07/2016 Quantifying the Impact of Cloud Uncertainties on Aerosol Effects Qian, Yun Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
02/29/2016 An Improved Minimal Representation of Aerosols for Climate Models Ghan, Steven J. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
02/25/2016 Improved Quantification of Jet Stream Variability and Trends Chen, Gang
02/15/2016 Mechanisms Contributing to Suppressed Precipitation in Mt. Hua of Central China. Part I: Mountain Valley Circulation Fan, Jiwen
02/15/2016 Capturing the Relationship between Environmental Moisture and Precipitation: Important for Simulating the Madden-Julian Oscillation Hagos, Samson
02/15/2016 Urbanization Impact on Summer Precipitation: Urban Heat Island versus Aerosol Effects Qian, Yun
02/15/2016 Scientists Project Large Increase in Extreme Precipitation over Western North America Due to Global Warming Hagos, Samson M.
02/15/2016 Breaking Down Aerosol Complexity: A simpler representation of aerosols captures the essence of their influence on climate Ghan, Steven J. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
02/08/2016 A new conceptual model of short-term photosynthate storage and transport based on experimental observations Mao, Jiafu ORNL
01/30/2016 Vegetation regulation on streamflow intra-annual variability through adaption to climate variations Li, Hong-Yi
01/30/2016 Assessment of the importance of spatial scale in long-term land use modeling of the Midwestern United States Kyle, Page
01/30/2016 21st century United States emissions mitigation could increase water stress more than the climate change it is mitigating Hejazi, Mohamad
01/30/2016 120 Years of U.S. Residential Housing Stock and Floor Space Moura, Cecilia Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
01/25/2016 Modeling Stream Temperature in the Anthropocene: An Earth System Modeling Approach Leung, Hong-yi Li, Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
01/25/2016 A Unified Cloud Parameterization: One scheme to rule them all Ghan, Steven J. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)