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Performance Analytics for Computational Experiments (PACE)

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Understanding computational performance of a complex coupled climate model like the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) poses a singular challenge to domain and computational scientists. Toward that goal, researchers developed PACE (Performance Analytics for Computational Experiments), a framework to summarize performance data collected from E3SM experiments to derive insights and present them through a web portal. The primary goal of PACE is to serve as a central hub of performance data to provide a summary of E3SM experiment performance.

PACE is designed to enable the following capabilities:

  • Interactively analysing experiments and application sub-regions,
  • Tracking performance benchmarks and simulation campaigns of interest,
  • Facilitating performance research on load balancing and process layouts,
  • Identifying bottlenecks to inform targeted optimization efforts

The PACE portal provides a powerful search capability, including autocomplete, to select and drill down into experiments of interest. Users can search for experiments pertaining to a specific user or platform, or search for a specific model configuration (compset, grid, or case) or a combination thereof.

Point of Contact
Sarat Sreepathi
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
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