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The Evolution Dynamical Processes of Ural Blocking Through the Lens of Local Finite-Amplitude Wave Activity Budget Analysis

Presentation Date
Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 2:00pm
Convention Center - Poster Hall, D-F



Understanding the dynamical processes of Ural blocking (UB) during its different phases of development is of great importance for the prediction of UB and the subsequent meteorological impacts in Asia. Using the 6-hourly ERA-Interim reanalysis data, this study quantifies the conservative and non-conservative processes in the lifecycle of UB through the lens of the hybrid Eulerian-Lagrangian local finite-amplitude wave activity (LWA) diagnostics. It is found that (a) as a wave activity source, eddy heat flux assists the zonal LWA flux in initiating the UB, it also works to prevent the wave activity of the blocking from dispersing downstream—the key characteristic of blocking; (b) both wave propagation and wave advection are indispensable for the evolution of UB, playing a tug-of-war on the downstream development of wave activity; (c) throughout the lifespan of UB, diabatic heating acts as a damping mechanism for the wave activity both upstream and downstream.

Atmospheric Sciences
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