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Comparisons of CMIP5 and CMIP6 simulations over different Climate Regimes using ARM Data-oriented Metrics and Diagnostics package Version 3 RGMA -
Tool for Collective Evaluation of Earth System Models: Recent Updates in PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) RGMA -
Climate Model Simulations of Wind and Solar Droughts: Impact of Model Resolution and Bias RGMA -
Future Changes in Active and Inactive Atlantic Hurricane Seasons in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model RGMA -
A New Method for Evaluating Skill in Predicting the IPO in Initialized Decadal Climate Prediction Hindcasts in CESM1 and E3SMv1 Using a Small Set of Start Years RGMA -
How Do Aerosols Impact Deep Convective Clouds and Severe Weather? (Core Science Keynote) RGMA -
Xarray Climate Data Analysis Tools (xCDAT): A Python Package for Simple and Robust Analysis of Climate Data ESMD RGMA -
Radiative Feedbacks on Convective Organization and Tropical Cyclone Development (Invited Presentation) RGMA -
Subseasonal Tropical Cyclone Prediction and Modulations by MJO and ENSO in CESM2 RGMA -
Urbanization Enhances Tornado Potential: A Case Study RGMA -
ESGF2: Building the Next Generation Earth System Grid Federation RGMA -
How Well do We Understand Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling? (Invited Presentation) RGMA -
Machine Learning of Key Factors Impacting Extreme Precipitation in Various Regions of the Contiguous United States RGMA -
Differentiable Modeling in Geosciences – Breaking Down the Imaginary Barrier between Machine Learning and Process-Based Modeling (Invited) RGMA -
A Review of Recent Progress In Understanding Mechanisms And Trends Of Monsoon Depressions (Invited Presentation) RGMA -
Roles of external forcing and internal variability to precipitation changes and their uncertainty in the coastal U.S. on multi-decadal timescales RGMA -
Global Fire Response to Heat Waves RGMA -
Evaluation of Individual Cloud Feedbacks in CMIP6 Models Using CERES Observations RGMA -
Different Drivers of Low Cloud Radiative Feedbacks and their Uncertainty in Historical and Future Simulations RGMA -
Projected future warming in high climate sensitivity models is potentially overestimated based on an emergent constraint by seasonal evolution of extratropical low clouds RGMA -
Substantial contribution of internal variability to satellite-era tropospheric warming inferred from CMIP6 large ensembles RGMA -
Enhanced Sea Level Extremes in Coastal Indonesia during 2010-2017: Roles of Anthropogenic Forcing and Decadal Climate Variability RGMA -
Drought Sensitivity of Gross Primary Productivity for Water- vs. Energy-Limited Ecosystems RGMA -
Leveraging ecosystem-scale constraints to assess Nature-based Climate Solutions RGMA -
Detection and Attribution of Anthropogenic Climate Change and Extreme Weather and Climate Events III Oral RGMA -
Leveraging ecosystem-scale constraints to assess Nature-based Climate Solutions RGMA -
Using Ecohydrological Optimality to Parameterize Plant Water Use Strategies RGMA -
A Multi-Year Tropical Pacific Cooling Response to Recent Australian Wildfires in CESM2 RGMA -
Arctic Atmospheric Rivers and impacts on sea-ice: Past, Present, and Future. RGMA -
Permafrost and Climate Change: Carbon Cycle Feedbacks From the Warming Arctic RGMA -

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