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Roles of external forcing and internal variability to precipitation changes and their uncertainty in the coastal U.S. on multi-decadal timescales RGMA -
Evaluation of Individual Cloud Feedbacks in CMIP6 Models Using CERES Observations RGMA -
Substantial contribution of internal variability to satellite-era tropospheric warming inferred from CMIP6 large ensembles RGMA -
Drought Sensitivity of Gross Primary Productivity for Water- vs. Energy-Limited Ecosystems RGMA -
Leveraging ecosystem-scale constraints to assess Nature-based Climate Solutions RGMA -
Leveraging ecosystem-scale constraints to assess Nature-based Climate Solutions RGMA -
Using Ecohydrological Optimality to Parameterize Plant Water Use Strategies RGMA -
A Multi-Year Tropical Pacific Cooling Response to Recent Australian Wildfires in CESM2 RGMA -
Analysis of snow droughts in land model simulations and ERA5-Land data in 1980-2014 ESMD -
Arctic Atmospheric Rivers and impacts on sea-ice: Past, Present, and Future. RGMA -
Permafrost and Climate Change: Carbon Cycle Feedbacks From the Warming Arctic RGMA -
Tropical Cyclone Weather Extremes and Flooding Impacts in a Global Climate Model Large Ensemble Partnered with a High-resolution Hydrology Model ESMD RGMA MSD -
A Novel Emergent Constraint Reveals Systemic Underestimation of Drought Impacts by Earth System Models RGMA -
Groundwater drought decreases carbon fixation in a semi-arid oak savannah RGMA -
Along-stream biogeochemical properties in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: A CMIP6 evaluation RGMA -
Drought Susceptibility and Response Across Different Vegetation Types in California RGMA -
A machine learning approach targeting parameter estimate for modeling plant coexistence using ELM-FATES ESMD -
Global C4 distribution estimate constrained by observations and optimality theory RGMA -
A top-down constraint on the biome-scale temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration reveals misrepresentation in terrestrial biosphere models RGMA -
Resolving away stratocumulus biases in modern global climate models ESMD -
Superior daily and sub-daily precipitation statistics for intense and long-lived storms in global storm-resolving models RGMA -
Improving wetland model realism: Activating and parametrizing sub-grid level wetland land-unit in the E3SM land model (ELM) RGMA -
Extreme storm events contribute to forest dynamics in the Amazon RGMA -
Informing Decision-making about Extreme Events with a Dynamically-Downscaled GCM Ensemble RGMA MSD -
Global Calibration of Demographic Rates and Forest Structure in E3SM-FATES ESMD -
Two Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns are Associated with Short-Duration Dry Spells in the Northeastern United States ESMD RGMA MSD -
Understanding the Links between Winter Surface Temperature Biases and Atmospheric Circulation Anomalies over the Southern Hemisphere in an Ensemble of E3SM Simulations ESMD -
On the circulation, water mass distribution, and nutrient concentrations of the western Chukchi Sea RGMA -
The 2012 North American Derecho: A testbed for evaluating regional and global climate modeling systems at cloud-resolving scales RGMA -
Frequency and Character of Future Snow Droughts in a Fully-Coupled Earth System Model ESMD -

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