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Project: Integrated Multisector, Multiscale Modeling (IM3) Scientific Focus Area
Title Date
Exploring the co-evolution of cropping choices and groundwater depletion using an agent base crop modeling - groundwater cost curve approach MSD -
The Dual Impacts of Space Heating Electrification and Climate Change on Seasonal Peaking and Reliability of the Texas Power Grid. MSD -
Investigating the Impacts of Anthropogenic Heat on the Climate of Los Angeles MSD -
Osiris: An R package to process climate impacts on agricultural yields for the Global Change Analysis Model MSD -
Helios: An R Package to Process Heating and Cooling Degrees for an Integrated Model of Global Energy-Water-Land Dynamics RGMA -
When Do Different Scenarios of Future Electricity Demand Start to Meaningfully Diverge? MSD -
Sensitivity of urban air warming to anthropogenic heat within a forcing-feedback framework MSD -
Coevolution of future water, energy and land systems across the United States in response to national and global socioeconomic, climate, and energy policy drivers. MSD -
Assessing Anthropogenic Heat from Buildings in Los Angeles County during a Heat Wave MSD -
Cohering insights on coupled human-water interactions across diverse human systems modeling approaches MSD -
Exploring how MultiSector Dynamics Influence the Evolution of the U.S. Electricity System Power Plant Landscape Under a Range of Future Global Climate and Socioeconomic Scenarios MSD -
MultiSector Urban Dynamics are a Critical Part of Climate Solutions MSD -
Dominant source of uncertainty in CLM simulations of hydrological signatures: a CONUS-scale comparison between forcing and parametric uncertainty MSD -
A Scalable Approach to Develop Electricity Grid Models for Stress Testing to Diverse and Compounded Hydrometeorological Extremes and Climate Change: U.S. Western Interconnection Case MSD -
Ten Recommendations to Overcome Barriers to Adopting Open Science Principles MSD
Relationship Between Socioeconomic Factors and the Built Environment of a City: A Case Study of Las Vegas, Nevada MSD
Inferring water scarcity vulnerabilities: do converging model representations of water systems lead to convergent insights? MSD -
Open Source and Performant Hydrological Modeling in Python: mosartwmpy, a Case Study MSD
A Vision for the MultiSector Dynamics Research Community MSD
Exploring the Impact of Multisectoral and Multiscale Constraints and Opportunities on Power Plant Siting with the Capacity Expansion Regional Feasibility (CERF) Model MSD
TELL: A Python Package for Predicting the Short- and Long-Term Evolution of Total Electricity Loads in the United States MSD
Optimal Resolution Urban Terrain Inputs to Microclimate Modeling for Local Climate Decision Support MSD
Groundwater Storage during Snow Drought Events: Responses to Changing Climate over Western United States MSD
Addressing uncertainty in MultiSector Dynamics research: an eBook guide for novice and experienced modelers MSD
Exploring the consistency of inferred water shortage vulnerabilities using rival framings of adaptive demands in a multi-actor, multi-sector river basin MSD
Improving Urban Form Predictions to Improve Urban Microclimate Models. MSD
Anthropogenic Heating of the Urban Environment under Extreme Heat Conditions MSD
Exploring Surface-Groundwater Interactions and their Implications for Water Scarcity MSD -
Coevolution of future water, energy and land systems across the United States in response to national and global socioeconomic, climate, and energy policy drivers. MSD
Where Should We Paint the Roof White? MSD

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