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Project: Integrated Multisector, Multiscale Modeling (IM3) Scientific Focus Area
Title Date
Contribution of Changes in Temperature Mean, Variability and Persistence to Heat Wave Occurrence in Urban Environments MSD -
Economic and Operational Reliability Benefits of Wave Energy Integration in the U.S. Western Interconnection MSD -
Deriving Distributed Parameters to Improve Community Land Model Version 5 Hydrological Predictions MSD -
Changes in four decades of near-CONUS tropical cyclones in an ensemble of 12km thermodynamic global warming simulations RGMA MSD -
A Domain-Informed, Data-Driven Approach to Streamflow Generation and Water Allocations MSD -
How Might Historical Record Droughts in Texas Evolve and Impact Water Resources in a Warming Future? MSD -
Future Pathways of U.S. Nuclear Power Buildout Under Socioeconomic and Climate Scenarios MSD -
statemodify: a Python framework to facilitate accessible exploratory modeling for water systems planning and management in Colorado MSD -
A comprehensive assessment of high-resolution gridded observational meteorological datasets for use in multi-sector impact analyses RGMA MSD -
Advancing Complex Human-Earth Systems Science through Natural Language Processing, Graph Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence MSD -
The Impact of White Roofs on Building Energy Balance and Air Conditioning Demand MSD -
Characterizing Heat Wave Impacts on Spatially Coincident Peak Loads and Resulting Transmission Dynamics MSD -
A Geospatial Sensitivity Analysis of Environmental and Social Constraints on the Siting Feasibility of Various Nuclear Power Technologies in the United States MSD -
Coevolution of future water, energy and land systems across the United States in response to national and global socioeconomic, climate, and energy policy drivers. MSD -
Persistent Urban Heat MSD -
Advancing scenario discovery to identify impacts and consequential dynamics for complex multi-actor human-natural systems MSD -
Improving Performance, Scalability, and Transparency of Urban Morphology Modeling ESMD -
The Influence of the Resolution of Embedded Urban Morphological Parameters in Numerical Weather Models on Evaluation of Human Vulnerability to Heat Waves MSD -
Using a Network Flow Model to Explore the Joint Influences of Population Growth and Urban Morphology Evolution on Water Supply Reliability in Los Angeles County MSD -
Analyzing the Socio-Economic Drivers of Water Demand in an Arid, Mediterranean-Climate City MSD -
Attribution of Extreme Heat Heterogeneity in Urban Areas: An Analysis of Neighborhood-scale Urban Heat Island Effect in Los Angeles MSD -
Modeling the Spatiotemporal Distribution and Meteorological Impacts of Anthropogenic Heat in Los Angeles MSD -
Analyzing and Interpreting Urban Heat Islands Response to Heat Waves in Diverse Climates over Contiguous United States MSD -
Exploring the behavior, trajectory, and sustainability of agricultural groundwater systems using a computationally efficient coupled farm-groundwater modeling approach. MSD -
Understanding How Forcing Selection and Parameter Uncertainty Influence Community Land Model Hydrological Applications in the United States MSD -
Assessing Future Terrestrial Water Stress Under Dynamic Changes of Climate, Urban, and Land System Over the Continental United States MSD -
Advancing uncertainty characterization for understanding projected water scarcity in multi-sector, multi-actor river basins across scales MSD -
Investigating the Impacts of Anthropogenic Heat on the Climate of Los Angeles MSD -
Exploring the co-evolution of cropping choices and groundwater depletion using an agent base crop modeling - groundwater cost curve approach MSD -
The Dual Impacts of Space Heating Electrification and Climate Change on Seasonal Peaking and Reliability of the Texas Power Grid. MSD -

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