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Project: High-Latitude Application and Testing of Earth System Models (HiLAT-RASM)
Title Date
Bjerknes Compensation in a Changing Climate RGMA -
Increasing Importance of Poleward Moisture Transport and Rainfall Sourced from North America for Arctic Sea Ice Loss RGMA -
How Well Do Atmospheric Models Represent the Arctic Boundary Layer?A Multi-Model Evaluation of Arctic Boundary Layer Simulations Using Observations From MOSAiC RGMA -
Reconciling Roles of Internal Variability and Anthropogenic forcing in Driving Observed Arctic Atmospheric River Trends over 1981-2021 RGMA -
Reduced black carbon contamination mitigates future snowpack loss over the Northern Hemisphere ESMD RGMA -
Preconditioning of Arctic summer sea ice via increasing poleward moisture transport and rainfall sourced from North America RGMA -
Assessing Radiative Feedbacks and their Contribution to the Arctic Amplification Measured by Various Metrics RGMA -
Wintertime Extreme Warming Events in the High Arctic: Characteristics, Drivers, Trends, and the Role of Atmospheric Rivers RGMA -
Evaluation of the Regional Arctic System Model for Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Arctic Climate Prediction RGMA -
High latitude extreme poleward aerosol transport events (Aerosol Atmospheric Rivers) in E3SM and their impacts on the Arctic climate system during the MOSAiC campaign. RGMA -
Control of an Energy Balance Model around Sea-Ice Tipping Points RGMA -
Internal Variability Increased Arctic Amplification during 1980-2022 ESMD -
Investigating the drivers of pan-Arctic water storage change with multi-source remote sensing data RGMA -
Modeling the Influence of Changes in Arctic Soil on Dissolved Organic Macromolecules in Major Arctic Rivers. RGMA -
On the circulation, water mass distribution, and nutrient concentrations of the western Chukchi Sea RGMA -
A multi-model comparison of September Arctic sea ice seasonal prediction skill RGMA -
Microplastics in the Arctic Ocean - Modeling the Pathways and Relative Contributions from Oceanic and Riverine Sources RGMA -
Advancing Arctic Climate Prediction Capability from Sub-seasonal to Decadal Time Scales RGMA -
Brown Carbon Fuel and Emission Source Attributions to Global Snow Darkening Effect ESMD RGMA -
Causes of the Amplified Cold Season Arctic Surface Warming RGMA
Evaluation of Dynamical Downscaling in a Fully Coupled Regional Earth System Model RGMA
Examination of the accelerated rate of Arctic sea ice decline in CMIP6 historical simulations RGMA
Increasing Large Wildfires over the Western United States Linked to Diminishing Sea Ice in the Arctic RGMA
A perspective on the role of ocean in Arctic Amplification RGMA
Understanding the Cold Season Arctic Surface Warming Trend in Recent Decades RGMA
A Partial Coupling Approach to Isolate the Roles of the Atmosphere and Ocean in Coupled Climate Interactions RGMA
Source Attribution of Arctic Black Carbon and Sulfate Aerosols and Associated Arctic Surface Warming During 1980–2018 RGMA
Drivers and Impacts of Southern Ocean Polynyas in High-Resolution Earth System Models RGMA Oral, Oral
Understanding Roles of Cloud and Precipitation in the Recent Arctic Warming through Radiative Feedbacks RGMA
The Role of Oceanic and Atmospheric Feedbacks in the Response of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation to a CO2 Increase RGMA

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