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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Global fire modelling and control attributions based on the ensemble machine learning and satellite observations RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Yulong Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Arctic Ice-Ocean Interactions in an 8-to-2 Kilometer Resolution Global Model RGMA Journal Article Fine, Elizabeth C. Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Exceptional stratospheric contribution to human fingerprints on atmospheric temperature RGMA Journal Article Santer, Benjamin D. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Synoptic Drivers of Atmospheric River Induced Precipitation Near Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica RGMA Journal Article Baiman, Rebecca University of Colorado - Boulder
Advancing research on compound weather and climate events via large ensemble model simulations RGMA Journal Article Bevacqua, Emanuele Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - Germany
Volcanic forcing degrades multiyear-to-decadal prediction skill in the tropical Pacific RGMA Journal Article Wu, Xian National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
The Relationship Between African Easterly Waves and Tropical Cyclones in Historical and Future Climates in the HighResMIP‐PRIMAVERA Simulations RGMA Journal Article Bercos‐Hickey, Emily Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Increased U.S. coastal hurricane risk under climate change RGMA MSD Journal Article Balaguru, Karthik Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Subseasonal Representation and Predictability of North American Weather Regimes Using Cluster Analysis RGMA Journal Article Molina, Maria J. University of Maryland - College Park
Regime-oriented causal model evaluation of Atlantic–Pacific teleconnections in CMIP6 RGMA Journal Article Karmouche, Soufiane University of Bremen - Germany
Future Atmospheric Rivers and Impacts on Precipitation: Overview of the ARTMIP Tier 2 High‐Resolution Global Warming Experiment RGMA Journal Article Shields, Christine A. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Role of Tropical Cyclones in Determining ENSO Characteristics RGMA Journal Article Li, Hui National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Human-induced changes in the global meridional overturning circulation are emerging from the Southern Ocean RGMA Journal Article Lee, Sang-Ki NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
Exact Gaussian processes for massive datasets via non-stationary sparsity-discovering kernels RGMA Journal Article Noack, Marcus M. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Regional tropical rainfall shifts under global warming: an energetic perspective RGMA Journal Article Nicknish, Paul A University of California - Berkeley
Revisiting Interior Water Mass Responses to Surface Forcing Changes and the Subsequent Effects on Overturning in the Southern Ocean RGMA Journal Article Tesdal, Jan-Erik Princeton University
Increased exposure of coastal cities to sea-level rise due to internal climate variability RGMA Journal Article Becker, M. La Rochelle Université - France
Interacting Effects of Watershed and Coastal Processes on the Evolution of Compound Flooding During Hurricane Irene ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Deb, Mithun Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The thermal response of permafrost to coastal floodplain flooding RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Yu Los Alamos National Laboratory
Climatology and surface impacts of atmospheric rivers on West Antarctica RGMA Journal Article Maclennan, Michelle L. University of Colorado - Boulder
Antarctic shelf ocean warming and sea ice melt affected by projected El Niño changes RGMA Journal Article Cai, Wenju Ocean University of China - China
Asian-Australian summer monsoons linkage to ENSO strengthened by global warming RGMA Journal Article Xu, Chenxi Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Mesoscale Convective Systems in DYAMOND Global Convection‐Permitting Simulations RGMA Journal Article Feng , Zhe Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Assessing the Influence of a Bias Correction Method on Future Climate Scenarios Using SWAT as an Impact Model Indicator RGMA MSD Journal Article Brighenti, Tássia Mattos Iowa State University
Important Ice Processes Are Missed by the Community Earth System Model in Southern Ocean Mixed‐Phase Clouds: Bridging SOCRATES Observations to Model Developments RGMA Journal Article Zhao, Xi Texas A&M University
Explaining Forcing Efficacy With Pattern Effect and State Dependence RGMA Journal Article Zhou, C. Nanjing University - China
More frequent atmospheric rivers slow the seasonal recovery of Arctic sea ice RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Pengfei The Pennsylvania State University
Scaling of Floods with Geomorphologic Characteristics and Precipitation Variability across the conterminous United States RGMA Journal Article Najibi, Nasser The City University of New York (City College)
Mechanisms of Heat Flux Across the Southern Greenland Continental Shelf in 1/10° and 1/12° Ocean/Sea Ice Simulations RGMA Journal Article Morrison, Theresa J. Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)
Data-driven predictions of the time remaining until critical global warming thresholds are reached RGMA Journal Article Diffenbaugh, Noah S. Stanford University

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