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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
How Might the May 2015 Flood in the U.S. Southern Great Plains Induced by Clustered MCSs Unfold in the Future? RGMA MSD Journal Article Feng , Zhe Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Machine Learning Analysis of Impact of Western US Fires on Central US Hailstorms RGMA MSD Journal Article Fan, Jiwen Argonne National Laboratory
Wind shadows impact planning of large offshore wind farms RGMA MSD Journal Article Pryor, Sara C. Cornell University
Assessing compounding climate-related stresses and development pathways on the power sector in the central U.S. MSD Journal Article Gurgel, Angelo Costa Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quantifying the compound hazard of freezing rain and wind gusts across CONUS RGMA MSD Journal Article Coburn, Jacob Jimmie Cornell University
Power Production, Inter- and Intra-Array Wake Losses from the U.S. East Coast Offshore Wind Energy Lease Areas RGMA MSD Journal Article Pryor, Sara C. Cornell University
helios: An R package to process heating and cooling degrees for GCAM MSD Journal Article Zhao, Mengqi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dynamic urban land extensification is projected to lead to imbalances in the global land-carbon equilibrium MSD Journal Article McManamay, Ryan A. Baylor University
Quantitative comparison of power production and power quality onshore and offshore: a case study from the eastern United States RGMA MSD Journal Article Foody, Rebecca Cornell University
The future evolution of global natural gas trade ESMD MSD Journal Article Yarlagadda, Brinda Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Delineation of endorheic drainage basins in the MERIT-Plus dataset for 5 and 15 minute upscaled river networks MSD Journal Article Prusevich, Alexander A. University of New Hampshire
An open-source framework for balancing computational speed and fidelity in production cost models MSD Journal Article Akdemir, Kerem Ziya North Carolina State University
The distributional impact of FEMA’s community rating system MSD Journal Article Brent, Daniel A. Pennsylvania State University
Increased Asian aerosols drive a slowdown of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation ESMD MSD Journal Article Liu, Fukai Ocean University of China
The Economics of Power System Transitions MSD Journal Article Webster*, Mort Pennsylvania State University
Compounding Uncertainties in Economic and Population Growth Increase Tail Risks for Relevant Outcomes Across Sectors MSD Journal Article Kanyako, Franklyn Tufts University
Bayesian Spatial Models for Projecting Corn Yields MSD Journal Article Roth, Samantha Pennsylvania State University
Extreme windstorms in the Northeastern USA in the contemporary and future climate RGMA MSD Journal Article Zhou, Xin Cornell University
Historical evaluation and future projections of compound heatwave and drought extremes over the conterminous United States in CMIP6 MSD Journal Article Rastogi, Deeksha Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The 1996 Mid-Atlantic Winter Flood: Exploring Climate Risk through a Storyline Approach RGMA MSD Journal Article Pettett, Abigail Pennsylvania State University
A storyline analysis of Hurricane Irma’s precipitation under various levels of climate warming RGMA MSD Journal Article Huprikar, Annika S Stony Brook University
The Effect of Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather on Household Location Choice and Economic Welfare MSD Journal Article Wrenn, Douglas Harvey Pennsylvania State University
Harmonized geospatial data to support infrastructure siting feasibility planning for energy system transitions MSD Journal Article Vernon, Chris R. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Topological Relationship‐Based Flow Direction Modeling: Stream Burning and Depression Filling MSD Journal Article Liao, Chang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Projecting Future Energy Production from Operating Wind Farms in North America. Part III: Variability RGMA MSD Journal Article Coburn, Jacob J Cornell University
Urban land patterns can moderate population exposures to climate extremes over the 21st century RGMA MSD Journal Article Gao, Jing University of Delaware
Real-time attribution of the influence of climate change on extreme weather events: a storyline case study of Hurricane Ian rainfall RGMA MSD Journal Article Reed, Kevin A Stony Brook University
Recreating the California New Year's Flood Event of 1997 in a Regionally Refined Earth System Model RGMA MSD Journal Article Rhoades, Alan M. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Intensive and extensive margins of the peak load: Measuring adaptation with mixed frequency panel data MSD Journal Article Colelli, Francesco Pietro Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Downscaling and bias-correction contribute considerable uncertainty to local climate projections in CMIP6 MSD Journal Article Lafferty, David C. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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