Research Highlights

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Submission Datesort ascending Title Author Institution
12/16/2013 Sensitivity of Stratospheric Dynamics to O3 Production Fyke, Jeremy G Los Alamos National Laboratory
11/19/2013 Human and Natural Influences on the Changing Thermal Structure of the Atmosphere Fyke, Jeremy G Los Alamos National Laboratory
11/19/2013 Plugging Water's Effects into an Earth System Model Fyke, Jeremy G Los Alamos National Laboratory
11/18/2013 Estimating Aerosol Effects on Cloud Radiative Forcing Ghan, S J Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11/18/2013 Brewing Up a Storm: Depth of warm ocean water encourages development of Northeasst Pacific hurricanes accross years Balaguru, K
11/18/2013 Interdecadal Connection between Arctic Temperature and Summer Precipitation over the Yangtze River Valley in the CMIP5 Historical Simulations Balaguru, K
11/06/2013 Marine Low Cloud Cover is Likely to Decrease in the 21st Century
11/01/2013 On Increasing Global Temperatures: 75 Years After Callendar
11/01/2013 How Well Does ERA-Interim Reanalysis Replicate Trends in Extremes of Surface Temperature Across Europe
11/01/2013 Updated High-resolution Monthly Grids of Monthly Climatic Observations: The CRU TS 3.10 Data Set
10/21/2013 Independent Confirmation of Global Land Warming Without the Use of Station Temperatures
09/16/2013 New Internationally Coordinated Climate Model Experiments Underway
09/16/2013 Contributions of Radiative Forcing and Climate Feedbacks to Range of CMIP5 Global Warming Responses
08/29/2013 Dynamic Ice Sheets in the Community Earth System Model
08/29/2013 Wind and Cold Carry Dust to New Heights Chen, Siyu
08/29/2013 Ahoy Aquaplanet: Identifying Model Resolution Shortcomings Chen, Siyu
08/29/2013 Atmospheric Bit Players Take Stage Chen, Siyu
08/28/2013 Negative 21st Century Mass Balance for the Greenland Ice Sheet Chen, Siyu
08/28/2013 Global Warming Caused by the Ozone Hole "Indirect Effect" Chen, Siyu
08/28/2013 Simulating Greenland's Surface Mass Balance in the Community Earth System Model Chen, Siyu
08/28/2013 An Analysis of the Short-Term Cloud Feedback Using Satellite Data Chen, Siyu
08/01/2013 Novel Analysis of Cloud Observations Helps Pave the Way Toward a New Class of High-resolution Climate Models Chen, Siyu
07/29/2013 Compo et al. Article Makes Geophysical Research Letters Cover Chen, Siyu
07/11/2013 Linking Ice Nucleation to Aerosols and Its Impact on CAM5 Simulated Arctic Clouds and Radiation Chen, Siyu
06/19/2013 The Spread in Snow-albedo Feedback Has Not Narrowed in the CMIP5 Ensemble Chen, Siyu
05/21/2013 Climate Model Simulations of Clouds Are Improving Chen, Siyu
04/29/2013 Two Modes of Sea-ice Gravity Drainage: A Parameterization for Large-scale Modeling Chen, Siyu
04/29/2013 Exploring a Global Multiresolution Modeling Approach Using Aquaplanet Simulations Chen, Siyu
04/16/2013 Reaching Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Concentration Goals Liu, Xiaohong
04/12/2013 New River-routing Model Improves Simulations of Water Movement within the Earth’s system Liu, Xiaohong