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Project: An Integrated Evaluation of the Simulated Hydroclimate System of the Continental US
Title Date
Changes in four decades of near-CONUS tropical cyclones in an ensemble of 12km thermodynamic global warming simulations RGMA MSD -
Adaptation and decarbonization of interdependent electricity and water systems in the Western US RGMA MSD -
A comprehensive assessment of high-resolution gridded observational meteorological datasets for use in multi-sector impact analyses RGMA MSD -
Probabilistic Storylines – Reconciling Extreme Value Theory with Deep Uncertainty to Understand Both the Dynamics and Likelihoods of Hydroclimate Extremes RGMA MSD -
When knowledges and perspectives collide RGMA MSD -
Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Resources and Agriculture – A Global to Regional Perspective with Insights from Africa and California. RGMA MSD -
Storyline-based investigations of compound extreme events with an regionally refined Earth system model: a case study of the 1997 California New Year's flood event RGMA MSD -
Informing Decision-making about Extreme Events with a Dynamically-Downscaled GCM Ensemble RGMA MSD -
Practical Strategies to Operationalize Interdisciplinary Work III Oral RGMA MSD -
Practical Strategies to Operationalize Interdisciplinary Work II Poster RGMA MSD -
Science and Society: Social and Behavioral Sciences III Oral RGMA MSD -
Practical Strategies to Operationalize Interdisciplinary Work I Online Poster Discussion RGMA MSD -
Science and Society: Social and Behavioral Sciences II Online Poster Discussion RGMA MSD -
Reflections from the practice and theory of coproduction of knowledge RGMA MSD -
Science and Society: Social and Behavioral Sciences I Poster RGMA MSD -
From Snowflake to Snowpack: Examining the Consequences of Cloud Microphysical Representations for Hydrologic Uncertainty RGMA MSD -
How does co-production improve the actionability of complex urban systems research? RGMA MSD -
Evaluating the Propagation of Climate Vulnerability Through the Western US Water System and Interdependent Electricity System RGMA MSD -
The Non-Linear Response of Rain-on-snow Floods to a Warming World: Perspectives from High-Resolution Storyline Simulations RGMA MSD
Storylines as a tool for advancing co-production of science and informing climate adaptation pathways: A perspective from the U.S. DOE HyperFACETS Project RGMA MSD
Large Scale Meteorological Patterns Associated with Extreme Precipitation Events Over Northern California ESMD RGMA MSD
Climate-aware Decision-making: Lessons for Electric Grid Infrastructure Planning and Operations MSD
Ways to Navigate the Clean Energy Transition in a Changing Climate MSD
Implications of warming on western United States landfalling atmospheric rivers and their flood damages RGMA MSD -
From storylines to anthologies – Systematically examining the implications of climate change on known weather extremes and their multisectoral impacts MSD
The Shifting Scales of Western US Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers Under Climate Change RGMA MSD
Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Life Cycles by Detection Algorithms: Climatology and Variability RGMA
Sources of Subseasonal-to-seasonal Predictability of Atmospheric Rivers and Precipitation in the Western United States RGMA
Typologies of Actionable Climate Information and its Use MSD
Evaluating Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Electricity and Water Systems in the Western US with a Cross-Sectoral Energy-Water Nexus Modeling Approach MSD

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