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The entire collection of Earth and Environmental System Modeling Research Highlights can be accessed using the search below. You may also search the BER Research Highlights database by selecting Earth and Environmental System Modeling and/or Multisector Dynamics then selecting List.

Title Contact Institution Date
Stabilized Bases for High-Order, Interpolation Semi-Lagrangian, Element-Based Tracer Transport ESMD Andrew M. Bradley Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Harmonized Database of Western U.S. Water Rights (HarDWR) MSD John Weyant Stanford University
Future Changes in Tropical Cyclone Tornadoes RGMA Christina M. Patricola Iowa State University
A New Paradigm for Improving Ecosystem Biogeochemistry Models RGMA William J. Riley Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Exploring the Relative Importance of the MJO and ENSO to North Pacific Subseasonal Predictability RGMA Kirsten Mayer National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
African Easterly Wave Strength and Observed Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Characteristics RGMA Emily Bercos-Hickey Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Systematic and Objective Evaluation of Earth System Models: PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) Version 3 RGMA Jiwoo Lee Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Urban feedbacks to deep convection RGMA MSD Professor Sara C Pryor Cornell University
Global Projections of Heat Exposure of Older Adults MSD Karen Fisher-Vanden Penn State University
Object-Oriented Analysis Yields Compounding Short-Term Drought and Crop Heat-Stress Events RGMA MSD William J. Gutowski, Jr. Iowa State University
What Drives Uncertainty Surrounding Riverine Flood Risks? MSD Karen Fisher-Vanden The Pennsylvania State University
Surface and Atmospheric Heating Responses to Spectrally Resolved Albedo of Frozen and Liquid Water Surfaces ESMD Juan P. Tolento University of California Irvine
Implementing Cloud Radiative Effect Denial Experiments into E3SM RGMA Ruby Leung Contractor to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Groundwater Use May Peak Globally Over the 21st Century MSD Marshall Wise Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Simulating Coastal Wetland Processes in the E3SM Land Model ESMD Benjamin Sulman Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Peat Soils and Snow Schemes Mutually Impact Permafrost Simulations RGMA Jing Tao Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Climate Change May Triple the Intensity of Extreme Precipitation from Mesoscale Storms RGMA MSD Ruby Leung Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Modes of Variability in E3SM and CESM Large Ensembles RGMA John Fasullo National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
'Miracle' Drought-Busters Becoming Rarer in a Warming Colorado River Basin RGMA Simon Wang Utah State University
The Influence of Climate Variability and Future Climate Change on Atlantic Hurricane Season Length RGMA Christina M. Patricola Iowa State University
Definitive Evidence that Atmospheric Rivers East of the Rockies are the Same as their West Coast Counterparts RGMA Travis A. O'Brien Indiana University
From Fires out West to Hailstorms in the Central US: Unraveling the Link with Machine Learning RGMA Jiwen Fan Argonne National Laboratory
Sensitivities of the West Greenland Current to Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwater in a Mesoscale Ocean/Sea Ice Model RGMA Julie McClean Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Decoding the Dynamics of Atmospheric River Clusters RGMA Yang Zhou Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The Effect of Physically Based Ice Radiative Processes on Greenland Ice Sheet Albedo and Surface Mass Balance in E3SM ESMD Chloe Clarke ( Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering University of Michigan Ann Arbor MI USA
Wind Shadows Impact Planning of Large Offshore Wind Farms RGMA MSD Sara C Pryor Cornell University
A Standard Set of Test Cases for Ocean Model Development ESMD Mark R. Petersen Los Alamos National Laboratory
Autocalibration of the E3SM Atmosphere Model Improves Model Fidelity ESMD Benjamin M Wagman Sandia National Laboratories
Quantifying the long-term changes of terrestrial water storage and their driving factors ESMD RGMA Jiafu Mao Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Pathways to More Resilient Power Systems MSD Angelo Gurgel Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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