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Single-column Simulations of Stratocumulus, Shallow Cumulus, and Deep Cumulus Clouds using a Unified Parameterization ESMD Poster
Use of Small-scale Parameterizations to Improve Stream Flow Simulations using a Regional-scale Hydrologic Model in a Sub-arctic, Boreal Forest Environment
Toward a Statistical Framework for Quantify Uncertainties in Climate using CAM
Uncertainty Quantification in the Community Land Model ESMD
Understanding Climate Model Biases in Tropical Atlantic Presentation
Sufficient Resolution for Global Climate Models for Representing Changes in Extreme Weather Statistics ESMD
Development of an Isotope-Enabled CESM for Testing Abrupt Climate Changes ESMD Presentation, Presentation
Scalability of Grid- and Subbasin-based Land Surface Modeling Frameworks for Hydrologic Simulations ESMD Poster
Climate Workflow Automation and Optimization on DOE Resources ESMD
Parameterizing CAM's Deep Convection with the Stochastic Parcel Model ESMD
Optimal Initial Conditions for Coupling Ice Sheet Models to Earth System Models ESMD Presentation
Network Connectivity in Climate Simulations from the Recent Past to the Twenty-Third Century
Multi-Year Simulation of Aerosol Indirect Effects using WRF-CAM5 with Improved Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Representations ESMD
Multi-scale Modeling of Hydrologic and Biogeochemical Processes in Arctic Ecosystems ESMD Poster
Long Residence Times of Deep and Rapidly Decomposable Soil Organic Matter are Consistent with Aqueous Transport and Mineral Sorption Poster
Modeling Antarctic Sea Ice Halodynamics and the Role of Snow Poster
Including Albedo Effects in IAM Scenarios ESMD Presentation
Implementation of Estuary-Shelf Freshwater Exchange Parameterizations in the Community Earth System Model ESMD Presentation
Historical and Future Learning About Climate Sensitivity
Historical Evaluation of Hydrologic Components of CLM4: Surface Soil Moisture and Surface Runoff Poster
Exploring Spatial Distributions, Radiative Forcing and Source-receptor Relationships of Black Carbon in CAM5 ESMD Presentation
Fully Resolved Whole-Continent Antarctica Simulations using the BISICLES AMR Ice Sheet Model Coupled with the POP2x Ocean Model Poster
Evaluating Amazonian Forest Response to Increased Disturbance: Lessons From a Gap Model for Future Model Improvement Poster
Evaluating CMIP Simulations of Historical Continental Climate using Koeppen Bioclimatic Metrics Poster
Evaluation of Cloud Properties in Six SCMs at the SGP Site under Different Dynamical Regimes ESMD Poster
Web-based Visual Analytics for Extreme Scale Climate Science
Using Direct Numerical Simulations for Understanding and Parameterizing Cloud-Related Processes in High-Resolution Climate Models ESMD Poster
Using Idealized Tests to Diagnose the Impact of Physical Parameterizations on Atmospheric Simulations ESMD Poster
Using Simplified Configurations to Diagnose Numerical Issues in CAM Cloud Physics ESMD
Using the CAM5 Physics in WRF to Better Understand Physics Behavior Across Scales ESMD Poster

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