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Satellite Solar-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Reveals Drought Onset Mechanisms: Insights from Two Contrasting Extreme Events
Competitive Influences on Droughts: Present and Future ESMD RGMA -
Leveraging Atmospheric CO2 Observations to Constrain the Climate Sensitivity of Terrestrial Ecosystems RGMA
Tropical Precipitation-Carbon Cycle Links in CMIP5 Earth System Models RGMA
ARM Data-Oriented Diagnostics to Evaluate the Climate Model Simulation of Clouds, Precipitation, and Radiation Poster -
Clouds and Precipitation Simulated by the US DOE Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy (ACME) ESMD RGMA -
Functioning of the Ocean Biological Pump in the Oxygen Minimum Zones RGMA -
Design and Application of a Community Land Benchmarking System for Earth System Models RGMA -
Observed Allocations of Productivity and Biomass, and Turnover Times in Tropical Forests are not Accurately Represented in CMIP5 Earth System Models RGMA -
Evaluation of Two Decomposition Schemes in Earth System Models Against LIDET, C14 Observations and Global Soil Carbon Maps RGMA -
Implementation of a Canopy Air Space Scheme into the Community Land Model RGMA -
Evaluation of Vegetation Biomass in CMIP5 Models over the Northern High-Latitudes RGMA -
Evaluating CMIP5 Models' Representation of Oceanic Drivers of North African Climate RGMA -
Implementation Ambiguity: The fifth element long lost in uncertainty budgets for land biogeochemical modeling RGMA
Impacts of Ocean Albedo Alteration on Arctic Sea Ice Restoration and Northern Hemisphere Climate
The Global Turnover Time Distribution of Soil Carbon Derived from a Meta-analysis of Radiocarbon Profiles RGMA
The Relevance of Detection and Attribution for Loss and Damage Policy RGMA
A Spectral Representations of the Atmospheric Column in Global Climate Models ESMD Oral, Invited
Quantifying Sources, Transport, Deposition, and Radiative Forcing of Black Carbon in the Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitudes ESMD
Advances in Simulating Large-Scale Water Cycle Processes in the Community Land Model Version 5.0
Quantifying the Effect of Parameter Uncertainties on the Simulation of Drought in the Community Atmosphere Model ESMD RGMA -
Atmospheric Rivers in the Mid-Latitudes: A modeling study for current and future climates RGMA
Soil Nutrient Competition in Earth System Models: An important but underappreciated driver of plant responses to nutrient fertilization ESMD
The Dynamical Signature on the Change of Hydrological Extremes Under Global Warming RGMA
Local Finite-Amplitude Wave Activity as an Objective Diagnostic of Midlatitude Extreme Weather RGMA
Indirect Effects of Climate Change on Heat Waves in the Great Plains RGMA -
The Alaska Land Carbon Assessment: Baseline and Projected Future Carbon Storage and Greenhouse-gas Fluxes in Ecosystems of Alaska RGMA -
The loss of late successional species has a disproportionate impact on terrestrial carbon storage in North America RGMA
Agricultural Intensification as a Mechanism of Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts MSD
The Use and Re-Use of Unsustainably Mined Groundwater: A global budget

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