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The Ecological and Economic Underpinnings of the Weak Land Sink Hypothesis RGMA
Integrated modeling of estuarine tide-surge-river dynamics and time-evolving flood risks MSD
Contrasting E3SM-simulated aerosols and aerosol-cloud interactions at GCM scale versus cloud-resolving scale ESMD
Uncovering Key Drivers of Future Virtual Water Trade and Global Water Use MSD
Initial results from the SCREAM 3 km AMIP simulation ESMD
Sea-ice biases and simulation fidelity across multiple CMIP phases RGMA
Atmospheric Feedbacks Dampen Surface Evapotranspiration Fluxes in Wet Regions RGMA
Statistical Learning Applied to Climate-Water-Energy Impacts Scenarios MSD
Improving Numerical Stability And Consistency Of Atmosphere-Surface Coupling Methods To Prevent Unphysical Model Behavior In E3SMv3 ESMD
Towards a dynamic Greenland Ice Sheet component in E3SM ESMD
Superwell: Integrating Groundwater Cost and Supply into Multisector Dynamics MSD
Strategic Systematic Review and Exploration of the Research Area of MultiSector Dynamics using Natural Language Processing, Graph Machine Learning, and Large Language Models MSD
Evaluation of future urban land expansion given multisectoral pressures using a global integrated human-Earth system model MSD
Constraining cloud feedbacks and the pattern effect using Perturbed Parameters Ensembles. RGMA
Tying in High Resolution E3SM with ARM Data (THREAD) – Project Overview and Recent Progress ESMD
The influence of global fire emissions on tropospheric chemistry in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) ESMD RGMA
Analysis and Comparison of Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Balance and Energy Budget in E3SM ESMD
Discriminating the Roles of Anthropogenic GHGs and Aerosols on Tropical Cyclone Frequency from Downscaling CMIP6 Models RGMA
Dust and Pollution: Coupling Aerosol Nutrients to Marine and Land Biogeochemistry ESMD
New tools for analysis of data on unstructured grids RGMA
Tightening the belt: investigating the impact of high resolution at reduced computational cost RGMA
Exploring the 1997 California Flood using a Reservoir Resolving, High Resolution Hydrodyamic Model MSD
Using Machine Learning and Bayesian inference to constrain microphysics in LES and ESMs ESMD
Purpose-built modeling to inform climate impact mitigation ESMD RGMA
Modeling Socioeconomic Responses to Environmental Hazards MSD
Uncertainty of 21st Century western U.S. snow loss derived from regional climate model large ensemble RGMA
Increasing the fitness for purpose of regional climate model outputs RGMA
Progress toward understanding tipping points in Earth System Models ESMD RGMA MSD
The role of sulfate aerosol forcing and atmosphere / ocean feedbacks in generating strong seasonality of climate change over the mid-latitude oceans RGMA
An overview of coastal modeling in E3SM ESMD

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