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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Connecting extreme weather events to climate change RGMA Journal Article Wehner, Michael Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Climatology, Extremes, and Flooding Potential from Remote Sensing and Reanalysis Datasets over the Continental United States RGMA Journal Article Mazza, Edoardo University of Washington
CIEL*Ch color map for visualization and analysis of sea ice motion ESMD Journal Article Upston, J. University of New Mexico
Investigation of Under‐Ice Phytoplankton Growth in the Fully‐Coupled, High‐Resolution Regional Arctic System Model RGMA Journal Article Clement Kinney, Jaclyn Naval Postgraduate School
Comparing land surface temperature and mean radiant temperature for urban heat mapping in Philadelphia RGMA Journal Article Li, Xiaojiang Temple University
Wind‐Associated Melt Trends and Contrasts Between the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets ESMD Journal Article Laffin, Matthew K. University of California Irvine (UC Irvine)
Long-term change and geospatial patterns of river ice cover and navigability in Southcentral Alaska detected with remote sensing RGMA Journal Article Brown, Dana R. N. University of Alaska Fairbanks
Storylines for unprecedented heatwaves based on ensemble boosting RGMA Journal Article Fischer, E. M. ETH Zurich - Switzerland
The Changing Nature of Human-Forced Hydroclimatic Risks across Africa MSD Technical Report Schlosser, Adam Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Scenario Discovery Analysis of Drivers of Solar and Wind Energy Transitions Through 2050 MSD Journal Article Woodard, Dawn L. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Deciphering the sensitivity of urban canopy air temperature to anthropogenic heat flux with a forcing-feedback framework MSD Journal Article Wang, Linying Boston University
Comparison of methods to estimate aerosol effective radiative forcings in climate models RGMA Journal Article Zelinka, Mark Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Near-term tropical cyclone risk and coupled Earth system model biases RGMA Journal Article Sobel, Adam H. Columbia University
A Pacific Tropical Decadal Variability Challenge for Climate Models RGMA Journal Article Zhao, Yingying Laoshan Laboratory - China
Intensification of Hurricane Sally (2020) over the Mississippi River Plume RGMA Journal Article John, Effy B. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Future regional increases in simultaneous large Western USA wildfires RGMA Journal Article McGinnis, Seth National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Cross‐Equatorial Surges Boost MJO's Southward Detour Over the Maritime Continent RGMA Journal Article Lubis, Sandro W. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Connecting Large‐Scale Meteorological Patterns to Extratropical Cyclones in CMIP6 Climate Models Using Self‐Organizing Maps RGMA Journal Article Gore, Michelle J. Pennsylvania State University
A review of recent advances in urban flood research RGMA Journal Article Agonafir, Candace City University of New York (City College)
Evaluating EAMv2 Simulated High Latitude Clouds Using ARM Measurements in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres ESMD RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Meng Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Drivers of Dry Day Sensitivity to Increased CO2 RGMA Journal Article Douville, H. Universite de Toulouse - France
Evidence and attribution of the enhanced land carbon sink RGMA Journal Article Ruehr, Sophie University of California Berkeley
Projection of Future Fire Emissions Over the Contiguous US Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence and CMIP6 Models RGMA MSD Journal Article Wang, Sally S.‐C. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
New Potential to Reduce Uncertainty in Regional Climate Projections by Combining Physical and Socio‐Economic Constraints RGMA Journal Article Lehner, Flavio Cornell University
Assessing Tropical Pacific-induced Predictability of Southern California Precipitation Using a Novel Multi-input Multi-output Autoencoder ESMD Journal Article Passarella, Linsey S Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Global evaluation of terrestrial biogeochemistry in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) and the role of the phosphorus cycle in the historical terrestrial carbon balance ESMD Journal Article Yang, Xiaojuan Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Impact of Global Warming on U.S. Summertime Mesoscale Convective Systems: A Simple Lagrangian Parcel Model Perspective RGMA Journal Article Yang, Qiu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Is land use producing robust signals in future projections from Earth system models, all else being equal? ESMD RGMA Journal Article Tebaldi, Claudia Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Natural Climate Solutions Must Embrace Multiple Perspectives to Ensure Synergy with Sustainable Development MSD Journal Article Waring, Bonnie G. Imperial College London - UK
Net Zero Emissions of Greenhouse Gases by 2050: Achievable and at What Cost? MSD Journal Article Morris, Jennifer Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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