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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
A new scenario framework for the Multi-Sector Dynamics and related communities (Invited) MSD Conference Abstract or Presentation O'Neill, Brian C Joint Global Change Research Institute
Implications of Policy Design and Socioeconomic Uncertainties for Energy Transitions and Sectoral Responses MSD Conference Abstract or Presentation Morris , Jen Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Climate Extremes and the Future of the Power Sector in the U.S. Heartland: A Multi-Sector Dynamics Perspective MSD Conference Abstract or Presentation Gurgel, Angelo Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Short‐Term Forecasting of Wind Gusts at Airports Across CONUS Using Machine Learning RGMA MSD Journal Article Coburn, Jacob J Cornell University
The DOE E3SM Model Version 2: Overview of the Physical Model and Initial Model Evaluation ESMD RGMA Journal Article Golaz, Jean‐Christophe Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Subseasonal Tropical Cyclone Prediction and Modulations by MJO and ENSO in CESM2 RGMA Journal Article Li, Hui National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Cloud Phase Simulation at High Latitudes in EAMv2: Evaluation Using CALIPSO Observations and Comparison With EAMv1 RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Meng Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Internal variability and forcing influence model–satellitedifferences in the rate of tropical tropospheric warming RGMA Journal Article Po-Chedley, Stephen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Aerosols must be included in climate risk assessments RGMA Journal Article Persad, Geeta G. University of Texas at Austin
Anthropogenic contributions to the 2021 Pacific Northwest heatwave RGMA Journal Article Bercos‐Hickey, Emily Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Characteristics and Variability of Winter Northern Pacific Atmospheric River Flavors RGMA Journal Article Zhou, Yang Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Asymmetric emergence of low-to-no snow in the midlatitudes of the American Cordillera RGMA MSD Journal Article Rhoades, Alan M. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Quantification of human contribution to soil moisture-based terrestrial aridity RGMA Journal Article Wang, Yaoping University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Technical note: Modeling spatial fields of extreme precipitation – a hierarchical Bayesian approach RGMA Journal Article Rahill-Marier, Bianca NCX
Technical note: Modeling spatial fields of extreme precipitation – a hierarchical Bayesian approach RGMA Journal Article Rahill-Marier, Bianca NCX
STITCHES: creating new scenarios of climate model output by stitching together pieces of existing simulations RGMA MSD Journal Article Tebaldi, Claudia Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
tell: a Python package to model future totalelectricity loads in the United States MSD Journal Article McGrath, Casey R. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
North American fire weather catalyzed by the extratropical transition of tropical cyclones RGMA Journal Article Stuivenvolt-Allen, Jacob Utah State University
Influence of African Easterly Wave Suppression on Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity in a Convection‐Permitting Model RGMA Journal Article Danso, Derrick K. Iowa State University
Revised monthly energy generation estimates for 1,500 hydroelectric power plants in the United States MSD Journal Article Turner, Sean W. D. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sea ice breakup and freeze-up indicators for users of the Arctic coastal environment RGMA Journal Article Walsh, John E. University of Alaska Fairbanks
Stabilizing effect of bedrock uplift on retreat of Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica, at centennial timescales ESMD Journal Article Book, Cameron Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
The Climatic Impact‐Driver Framework for Assessment of Risk‐Relevant Climate Information RGMA Journal Article Ruane, Alex C. NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Attribution of North American Subseasonal Precipitation Prediction Skill RGMA Journal Article Sun, Lantao Colorado State University
Long-term basin-scale hydropower expansion under alternative scenarios in a global multisector model MSD Journal Article Zhang, Ying Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Development and Evaluation of E3SM‐MOSAIC: Spatial Distributions and Radiative Effects of Nitrate Aerosol ESMD Journal Article Wu, Mingxuan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Quantifying Flood Frequency Associated with Clustered Mesoscale Convective Systems in the United States RGMA MSD Journal Article Hu , Huancui Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Global Barotropic Tide Modeling Using Inline Self‐Attraction and Loading in MPAS‐Ocean ESMD Journal Article Barton, Kristin N. University of Michigan
Generative Adversarial Networks for the Prediction of Future Urban Morphology MSD Conference Proceedings Allen-Dumas, Melissa R. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Future Changes in Active and Inactive Atlantic Hurricane Seasons in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model RGMA Journal Article Sena, Ana C. T. Iowa State University

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