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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
helios: An R package to process heating and cooling degrees for GCAM MSD Journal Article Zhao, Mengqi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Anthropogenic aerosols mask increases in US rainfall by greenhouse gases RGMA Journal Article Risser, Mark D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Linkages between riverine flooding risk and economic damage over the continental United States MSD Journal Article Alfredo, Cisneros-Pineda Purdue University
Assessing CESM2 clouds and their response to climate change using cloud regimes RGMA Journal Article Davis, Isaac University of Colorado Boulder
Numerical coupling of aerosol emissions, dry removal, and turbulent mixing in the E3SM Atmosphere Model version 1 (EAMv1) – Part 1: Dust budget analyses and the impacts of a revised coupling scheme ESMD Journal Article Wan, Hui Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Numerical coupling of aerosol emissions, dry removal, and turbulent mixing in the E3SM Atmosphere Model version 1 (EAMv1) – Part 2: A semi-discrete error analysis framework for assessing coupling schemes ESMD Journal Article Vogl, Christopher J. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Energy-conserving physics for nonhydrostatic dynamics in mass coordinate models ESMD Journal Article Guba, Oksana Sandia National Laboratories
Assessing the sensitivity of aerosol mass budget and effective radiative forcing to horizontal grid spacing in E3SMv1 using a regional refinement approach ESMD Journal Article Li, Jianfeng Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Boreal–Arctic wetland methane emissions modulated by warming and vegetation activity RGMA Journal Article Yuan, Kunxiaojia Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Influence of Eastern Pacific Hurricanes on the Southwest US Wildfire Environment ESMD RGMA Journal Article Balaguru, Karthik Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Disentangling the hydrological and hydraulic controls on streamflow variability in Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) V2 – a case study in the Pantanal region ESMD Journal Article Xu, Donghui Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dynamic urban land extensification is projected to lead to imbalances in the global land-carbon equilibrium MSD Journal Article McManamay, Ryan A. Baylor University
The growing inadequacy of an open-ended Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale in a warming world RGMA Journal Article Wehner, Michael F. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Improved subseasonal-to-seasonal precipitation prediction of climate models with nudging approach for better initialization of Tibetan Plateau-Rocky Mountain Circumglobal wave train and land surface conditions ESMD Journal Article Qin, Yi Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The future evolution of global natural gas trade ESMD MSD Journal Article Yarlagadda, Brinda Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Extraordinary March 2022 East Antarctica 'Heat' Wave. Part I: Observations and Meteorological Drivers RGMA Journal Article Wille, Jonathan D. Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement - France
The Extraordinary March 2022 East Antarctica “Heat” Wave. Part II: Impacts on the Antarctic Ice Sheet RGMA Journal Article Wille, Jonathan D. Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement - France
Quantitative comparison of power production and power quality onshore and offshore: a case study from the eastern United States RGMA MSD Journal Article Foody, Rebecca Cornell University
The Green's Function Model Intercomparison Project (GFMIP) Protocol RGMA Journal Article Bloch‐Johnson, Jonah University of Reading - UK
A North Atlantic synthetic tropical cyclone track, intensity, and rainfall dataset RGMA MSD Journal Article Xu, Wenwei Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Larger Cloud Liquid Water Enhances Both Aerosol Indirect Forcing and Cloud Radiative Feedback in Two Earth System Models RGMA Journal Article Zhao, Xi Texas A&M University
Evaluating Cloud Feedback Components in Observations and Their Representation in Climate Models RGMA Journal Article Chao, Li‐Wei Texas A&M University
Earth system models must include permafrost carbon processes RGMA Journal Article Schädel, Christina Woodwell Climate Research Center
Truly conserving with conservative remapping methods RGMA Journal Article Taylor, Karl E. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Comment on “Five Decades of Observed Daily Precipitation Reveal Longer and More Variable Drought Events Across Much of the Western United States” RGMA Journal Article Paciorek, C. J. University of California Berkeley
Role of atmospheric resonance and land–atmosphere feedbacks as a precursor to the June 2021 Pacific Northwest Heat Dome event RGMA Journal Article Li, Xueke University of Pennsylvania
Sea Ice and Cloud Processes Mediating Compensation between Atmospheric and Oceanic Meridional Heat Transports across the CMIP6 Preindustrial Control Experiment RGMA Journal Article Kurtakoti , Prajvala Los Alamos National Laboratory
New Record Ocean Temperatures and Related Climate Indicators in 2023 RGMA Journal Article Cheng, Lijing Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Delineation of endorheic drainage basins in the MERIT-Plus dataset for 5 and 15 minute upscaled river networks MSD Journal Article Prusevich, Alexander A. University of New Hampshire
Understanding changes in cloud simulations from E3SM version 1 to version 2 ESMD Journal Article Zhang, Yuying Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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