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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Assessing the Influence of a Bias Correction Method on Future Climate Scenarios Using SWAT as an Impact Model Indicator RGMA MSD Journal Article Brighenti, Tássia Mattos Iowa State University
Important Ice Processes Are Missed by the Community Earth System Model in Southern Ocean Mixed‐Phase Clouds: Bridging SOCRATES Observations to Model Developments RGMA Journal Article Zhao, Xi Texas A&M University
Rapid Estimation of Climate–Air Quality Interactions in Integrated Assessment Using a Response Surface Model MSD Journal Article Eastham, Sebastian Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Explaining Forcing Efficacy With Pattern Effect and State Dependence RGMA Journal Article Zhou, C. Nanjing University - China
More frequent atmospheric rivers slow the seasonal recovery of Arctic sea ice RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Pengfei Pennsylvania State University
A Large Ensemble Global Dataset for Climate Impact Assessments MSD Technical Report Gao, Xiang Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Topological Relationship‐Based Flow Direction Modeling: Mesh‐Independent River Networks Representation ESMD Journal Article Liao, Chang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Exploring the Consistency of Water Scarcity Inferences between Large-Scale Hydrologic and Node-Based Water System Model Representations of the Upper Colorado River Basin MSD Journal Article Hadjimichael, Antonia Pennsylvania State University
Monsoon Depression Amplification by Horizontal Shear and Humidity Gradients: A Shallow Water Perspective RGMA Journal Article Suhas, D. L. University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
Physics‐Informed Neural Networks of the Saint‐Venant Equations for Downscaling a Large‐Scale River Model ESMD Journal Article Feng, Dongyu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Scaling of Floods with Geomorphologic Characteristics and Precipitation Variability across the conterminous United States RGMA Journal Article Najibi, Nasser City University of New York (City College)
Mechanisms of Heat Flux Across the Southern Greenland Continental Shelf in 1/10° and 1/12° Ocean/Sea Ice Simulations RGMA Journal Article Morrison, Theresa J. Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)
Data-driven predictions of the time remaining until critical global warming thresholds are reached RGMA Journal Article Diffenbaugh, Noah S. Stanford University
Can biomass burning aerosol induced surface cooling be amplified through sea surface temperature-cloud feedback over the Southeast Atlantic? RGMA Journal Article Liu, Xiaohong Texas A&M University
Spring Regional Sea Surface Temperatures as a Precursor of European Summer Heatwaves RGMA Journal Article Beobide‐Arsuaga, Goratz Universitat Hamburg - Germany
Sharpening of cold-season storms over the western United States RGMA MSD Journal Article Chen, Xiaodong Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Causes and evolution of winter polynyas north of Greenland RGMA Journal Article Lee, Younjoo J. Naval Postgraduate School
Evolution of the Internal Climate Modes under Future Warming RGMA MSD Journal Article Coburn, Jacob J Cornell University
Potential Weakening of the June 2012 North American Derecho Under Future Warming Conditions RGMA Journal Article Li, Jianfeng Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Reduced CO2 uptake and growing nutrient sequestration from slowing overturning circulation ESMD Journal Article Liu, Yi University of California Irvine (UC Irvine)
Improving snow albedo modeling in the E3SM land model (version 2.0) and assessing its impacts on snow and surface fluxes over the Tibetan Plateau ESMD Journal Article Hao, Dalei Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Much of zero emissions commitment occurs before reaching net zero emissions RGMA Journal Article Koven, Charles D Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Neglecting Model Parametric Uncertainty Can Drastically Underestimate Flood Risks MSD Journal Article Sharma, Sanjib Pennsylvania State University
Projecting Future Energy Production from Operating Wind Farms in North America. Part I: Dynamical Downscaling RGMA MSD Journal Article Pryor, S. C. Cornell University
Evaluation of WRF Simulation of Deep Convection in the U.S. Southern Great Plains RGMA MSD Journal Article Pryor, S. C. Cornell University
Projecting Future Energy Production from Operating Wind Farms in North America. Part II: Statistical Downscaling RGMA MSD Journal Article Coburn, Jacob J Cornell University
Landscape metrics regularly outperform other traditionally-used ancillary datasets in dasymetric mapping of population MSD Journal Article Wan, Heng Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Exploring Multiscale Earth System and Human-Earth System Dynamics in the Puget Sound Region ESMD RGMA MSD Technical Report Voisin, Nathalie Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Impact of Tropical Cyclone Wind Forcing on the Global Climate in a Fully Coupled Climate Model RGMA Journal Article Li, Hui National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Storm Surge Modeling as an Application of Local Time‐Stepping in MPAS‐Ocean ESMD Journal Article Lilly, Jeremy R. Oregon State University

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