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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Sea Ice and Cloud Processes Mediating Compensation between Atmospheric and Oceanic Meridional Heat Transports across the CMIP6 Preindustrial Control Experiment RGMA Journal Article Kurtakoti , Prajvala Los Alamos National Laboratory
New Record Ocean Temperatures and Related Climate Indicators in 2023 RGMA Journal Article Cheng, Lijing Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Delineation of endorheic drainage basins in the MERIT-Plus dataset for 5 and 15 minute upscaled river networks MSD Journal Article Prusevich, Alexander A. University of New Hampshire
Understanding changes in cloud simulations from E3SM version 1 to version 2 ESMD Journal Article Zhang, Yuying Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
How Earth System Models Can Inform Key Dimensions of Marine Food Security in the Alaskan Arctic RGMA Journal Article Gibson, Georgina A. University of Alaska Fairbanks
An open-source framework for balancing computational speed and fidelity in production cost models MSD Journal Article Akdemir, Kerem Ziya North Carolina State University
Systematic Underestimation of Canopy Conductance Sensitivity to Drought by Earth System Models RGMA Journal Article Green, J. K. University of Arizona
The distributional impact of FEMA’s community rating system MSD Journal Article Brent, Daniel A. Pennsylvania State University
Increased Asian aerosols drive a slowdown of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation ESMD MSD Journal Article Liu, Fukai Ocean University of China
The Economics of Power System Transitions MSD Journal Article Webster*, Mort Pennsylvania State University
Perturbing Parameters to Understand Cloud Contributions to Climate Change RGMA Journal Article Duffy, Margaret L. National Center for Atmospheric Research
Subsurface Redox Interactions Regulate Ebullitive Methane Flux in Heterogeneous Mississippi River Deltaic Wetland ESMD Journal Article Wang, Jiaze Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Understanding the Influence of Urban Form on the Spatial Pattern of Precipitation RGMA Journal Article Lu, Yanle Cornell University
On the Sensitivity of Coastal Hypoxia to Its External Physical Forcings ESMD Journal Article St‐Laurent, P. Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Incorporating an Interactive Fire Plume‐Rise Model in the DOE's Energy Exascale Earth System Model Version 1 (E3SMv1) and Examining Aerosol Radiative Effect ESMD Journal Article Lu, Zheng Texas A&M University
Causes of Reduced Climate Sensitivity in E3SM From Version 1 to Version 2 RGMA Journal Article Qin, Yi Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
A New Hybrid Mass‐Flux/High‐Order Turbulence Closure for Ocean Vertical Mixing ESMD Journal Article Garanaik, Amrapalli Oregon State University
Compounding Uncertainties in Economic and Population Growth Increase Tail Risks for Relevant Outcomes Across Sectors MSD Journal Article Kanyako, Franklyn Tufts University
Observed humidity trends in dry regions contradict climate models RGMA Journal Article Simpson, Isla R. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Sensitivity of Arctic Surface Temperature to Including a Comprehensive Ocean Interior Reflectance to the Ocean Surface Albedo Within the Fully Coupled CESM2 RGMA Journal Article Wei, Jian Texas A&M University
Bayesian Spatial Models for Projecting Corn Yields MSD Journal Article Roth, Samantha Pennsylvania State University
Internal Variability Increased Arctic Amplification During 1980–2022 RGMA Journal Article Sweeney, Aodhan J. University of Washington
Extreme windstorms in the Northeastern USA in the contemporary and future climate RGMA MSD Journal Article Zhou, Xin Cornell University
Historical evaluation and future projections of compound heatwave and drought extremes over the conterminous United States in CMIP6 MSD Journal Article Rastogi, Deeksha Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Effects of African Easterly Wave Suppression by Wave Track on Atlantic Tropical Cyclones RGMA Journal Article Bercos‐Hickey, Emily Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Anthropogenic Aerosols Contribute to the Recent Decline in Precipitation Over the U.S. Southwest RGMA Journal Article Kuo, Yan‐Ning Cornell University
Northern Hemisphere Snow Drought in Earth System Model Simulations and ERA5‐Land Data in 1980–2014 ESMD Journal Article Fang, Yilin Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
CFL Optimized Forward–Backward Runge–Kutta Schemes for the Shallow-Water Equations ESMD Journal Article Lilly, Jeremy R. Oregon State University
The 1996 Mid-Atlantic Winter Flood: Exploring Climate Risk through a Storyline Approach RGMA MSD Journal Article Pettett, Abigail Pennsylvania State University
Observed changes in hydroclimate attributed to human forcing RGMA Journal Article Herrera, Dimitris A. University of Tennessee - Knoxville

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