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The South Pacific Meridional Mode: A Mechanism for ENSO-like Variability and a Precursor for ENSO RGMA
Developing a Predictive Model to Identify Potential Electric Grid Stress Events Due to Climate and Weather Factors MSD Presentation
Derivative-Based Uncertainty Quantification in Climate Modeling
Comparing Alternative Modeling Approaches for the Assessment of Energy Infrastructure Vulnerability to Coastal Storm Surge MSD Poster
Coastal Downscaling Experiments: Can CESM Fields Successfully Force Regional Coastal Ocean Simulations with Strong Freshwater Forcing? Poster
Climate Impacts on New Connected Infrastructure Vulnerabilities MSD Presentation
Dynamics and Impacts of Fine-Scale Change MSD
An Object-Oriented, Open-Source Model for Scientific and Policy Analyses of the Global Carbon Cycle - Hector Presentation
ClimatePipes: Analysis and Visualization of Climate and Geospatial Datasets for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
Addressing Interdependency in a Multi-Model Ensemble
Application of POD Mapping Method in Land Surface Models Poster
Assessing Skill in a Low-Resolution CESM Ensemble Poster
Characterizing Uncertainty in Observational Data Sets for Climate Change Studies MSD
CAM5 at Global High-Resolution and Regionally Refined High-Resolution Poster
A Systematic Deficiency of Climate Models that Compromises Regional Climate Projections and Integrated Assessments MSD
Investigating Soil Moisture Spatial Scaling using Reduced Order Models and Analysis of Fractal Temporal Evolution Patterns Presentation
Climate Vulnerability of Water Sector Infrastructure MSD Presentation
3-D Radiative Transfer Impact on Surface Hydrology Over Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains in WRF and CCSM4
A River Temperature Model for Assessing Climate Impacts on the U.S. Energy System MSD
Climate Impacts, Food Security and Land-Based Mitigation Benefits of R&D-Based Agricultural Adaptation MSD
A New High-Resolution Global Climate Simulation Using Community Atmosphere Model Version 5 and an Eddy-Resolving Ocean Model
A Community Emissions Data System: Historical Emissions for CMIP6 and Beyond Presentation
Climate Change, Water Resources and Irrigated Crop Yields: A Modeling Framework for Integrated Assessment of the US MSD
Analysis of Climatic Impacts to Connected Infrastructure Dynamics: Technology Insertion MSD

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