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Do Atmospheric Rivers Feedback onto the Ocean? Insights gained from a high resolution Earth System Model RGMA -
Global High-resolution Urban Surface Representation for Earth System Models ESMD RGMA -
Exploring the Role of Future Reservoir Storage Expansion on the Evolution of Multi-Sector Systems Globally MSD -
Future Pathways of U.S. Nuclear Power Buildout Under Socioeconomic and Climate Scenarios MSD -
How to not miss the forests for the trees: Implementing a dynamic forest harvest model in a global multisector dynamics model under alternative scenarios. MSD -
Mesoscale Convective Systems in E3SMv2 with Default and New Cloud Microphysics and Convection Parameterizations RGMA -
Simulation of Compound Flooding using River-Ocean Two-way Coupled E3SM Ensemble on Variable-resolution Meshes ESMD -
Modeling Inter-Basin Water Transfer in E3SM: A Delaware River Basin Case Study ESMD -
statemodify: a Python framework to facilitate accessible exploratory modeling for water systems planning and management in Colorado MSD -
Forecasting River Ice Breakup in Alaska USA Using a Long Short Term Memory Model RGMA -
Characterization of Arctic Hydrologic Dynamics Using Remote Sensing RGMA -
Bridging the gap from evidence to projections: Assessing the influence of equilibrium climate sensitivity uncertainty on probabilistic temperature projections MSD -
A comprehensive assessment of high-resolution gridded observational meteorological datasets for use in multi-sector impact analyses RGMA MSD -
Assessing environmental and agronomic benefits of cover crops for the U.S. Corn Belt RGMA -
Unraveling Surface Energy Budget Biases in Earth System Models: Mechanisms and Implications RGMA -
A Statistical Emulator of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Model to Represent Forest Productivity in the Global Change Analysis Model MSD -
Development of Land-Ocean Hydrologic Coupling in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) ESMD -
The Impacts of Mesh Resolution on Simulation of Flooding using a 2D Shallow Water Equation Model: Hurricane Harvey Case Study ESMD -
Leveraging an Exploratory Scenario Analysis to Uncover Key Drivers of Future Virtual Water Trade and Global Utilization of Water MSD -
Assessing the effects of giant aerosol particles in E3SM ESMD -
Heatwaves drive carbon losses across ecosystems RGMA -
A Combined Sensitivity Analysis of Future Soil Moisture Projections in the Central United States MSD -
Advancing Complex Human-Earth Systems Science through Natural Language Processing, Graph Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence MSD -
The Impact of White Roofs on Building Energy Balance and Air Conditioning Demand MSD -
A Combined Sensitivity Analysis of Future Soil Moisture Projections in the Central United States MSD -
Adaptation and decarbonization of interdependent electricity and water systems in the Western US RGMA MSD -
Machine Learning Analysis of Western US Fire Impacts on Hailstorms in the Central US RGMA MSD -
Characterizing Heat Wave Impacts on Spatially Coincident Peak Loads and Resulting Transmission Dynamics MSD -
A Geospatial Sensitivity Analysis of Environmental and Social Constraints on the Siting Feasibility of Various Nuclear Power Technologies in the United States MSD -

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