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Title Presentation Datesort ascending File
Indian Ocean Warming Trend Reduces Pacific Warming Response to Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gases: An Interbasin Thermostat Mechanism December 11, 2019
New Insights into Natural and Anthropogenic Forcing of Global/Regional Climate Evolution December 11, 2019
Classifying the Complexity of Coupled Energy-Water-Land Systems in the United States December 11, 2019
Using Dynamic Vegetation Modeling to Explore Boreal Forest Canopy-cover Shifts Under Water Stress and Changing Climate December 10, 2019
Implications of bioenergy crop expansion on water availability and nitrogen loading over the conterminous United States December 10, 2019
Size of the atmospheric blocking events: A scaling law and response to climate change December 10, 2019
Global land use and land cover change effects on runoff based on the E3SM land model December 10, 2019
The Longitude of Tropical Pacific Deep Convection: A Perspective on ENSO Diversity and Implications for Western US Hydroclimate December 10, 2019
A Round Earth for Climate Models: Solar Heating Rates Errors Caused by Lack of Sphericity, Refraction, and a Spherical Hydrostatic Atmosphere December 10, 2019
Water, Energy, Health, and Heat: Multi-Sector Urban Tradeoffs in a Warming World December 10, 2019
Insights on Emulation Performance from Large Ensemble Experiments December 10, 2019
Heat Transport by Atmospheric Rivers under Global Warming: Projections using a High-Resolution Earth System Model December 10, 2019
Wetland FLUXNET synthesis for CH4: understanding CH4 fluxes at daily to interannual timescales (Invited) December 10, 2019
Linking the inter-basin climate variability through the overturning circulation December 10, 2019
Evaluating the surface mass balance from E3SM with LIVVkit 3.0 December 10, 2019
Ice covered delta dynamics December 10, 2019
Achieving FAIR’s Data Reusability in Integrated Modeling Environments December 10, 2019
Catchments-scale vegetation water use efficiency: patterns, processes and implications December 10, 2019
Evaluating the Representation of Northern Hemisphere Surface Albedo Feedback in CMIP6 December 10, 2019
Advancing our understanding of the impacts of historic and projected land use in the Earth System: The Land Use Model Intercomparison Project (LUMIP) December 10, 2019
Earth greening and terrestrial water cycle change December 10, 2019
Mutually Interactive Decadal-timescale Processes Connecting the Tropical Atlantic and Pacific (Invited) December 10, 2019
Importance of Water Operations and Water Rights in Assessing Future Climate Impacts December 10, 2019
MOSART-urban: Integrated regional-scale urban flood modeling December 10, 2019
Future changes in the flows of virtual water December 10, 2019
Regionally Refined Modeling of the Atmosphere in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model December 10, 2019
Disentangling the drivers of global and tropical Pacific decadal variability using large ensembles (Invited) December 10, 2019
The Role of Interannual ENSO Events in Decadal Timescale Transitions of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (Invited) December 10, 2019
Land use and land cover change altered terrestrial water cycle and ecosystem dynamics in the conterminous United States over the past two decades December 10, 2019
Land use and land cover changes strongly modulate warm-season precipitation over the Central United States December 10, 2019