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Extreme events in a warmer climate: more rain, less snow, and implications for adaptation RGMA -
Externally Forced and Internally Generated Changes in Extreme Rainfall Events RGMA -
Climate Warming Amplifies the Frequency of a Weather Pattern Linked to Wildfires in the Western United States RGMA -
Links between Seasonal Precipitation Intermittency and Soil Moisture Variability RGMA -
Evidence for Anthropogenic Aerosols-Driven Precipitation Decline over the U.S. Southwest RGMA -
Observed humidity trends in dry regions contradict climate models. RGMA -
Evaluation of the Regional Arctic System Model for Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Arctic Climate Prediction RGMA -
Identifying and Reducing Uncertainties in Smoke-Stratocumulus Interactions in Multiple Climate Models in the Southeastern Atlantic Using Field Campaign Observations ESMD -
Impact of Land Use/Land Cover Change on Biogeochemical Fluxes using Fully Coupled E3SM-GCAM Model ESMD -
Constraining the model spread in projected warming of hot days RGMA -
How do Downscaling and Bias-Correction Alter the Uncertainty Decomposition of Future Climate Projections? MSD -
Wave – Sea Ice Interactions in Global Climate Simulations of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) ESMD -
CEDAR-GPP: spatiotemporally upscaled estimates of global photosynthesis incorporating CO2 fertilization RGMA -
Evaluation of river routing on an unstructured mesh for E3SM ESMD -
Are turbulence effects on droplet collision-coalescence a key to understanding observed rain formation in clouds? ESMD -
Projected increase in summer heat-dome-like stationary waves over Northwestern North America RGMA -
Impacts of Arctic Atmospheric Rivers on sea-ice in a changing climate : Exploring uncertainties in impacts based on definition of 'extreme event' in a warming climate RGMA -
Attribution of the 2020-21 Western US Drought RGMA -
Toward credible predictions of aerosol-cloud interactions in Earth system models ESMD -
Advancing Complex Human-Earth Systems Science through Natural Language Processing, Graph Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence MSD
Drought to intensify over Amazon by more than projected by most GCMs due to poor representation of land-atmosphere feedbacks RGMA -
Forecasting tropical annual maximum wet-bulb temperatures months in advance with ENSO RGMA -
Benchmarking Climate Simulations Across Scales using NCAR's CVDP and CMAT RGMA -
Climate Effects of Future Aerosol Reductions for Achieving Carbon Neutrality ESMD -
Drivers of Runoff Efficiency in the Western United States RGMA -
Partitioning of Ecosystem Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Respiration using Multi-source Data and Knowledge-guided Machine Learning RGMA -
Can biomass burning aerosol induced surface cooling and atmospheric teleconnection be amplified through sea surface temperature-cloud feedback over the Southeast Atlantic? RGMA -
Ocean-forcing of cool season precipitation drives ongoing and future decadal drought in southwestern North America RGMA -
CF Metadata Conventions: Facilitating Collaborative Science (Invited) RGMA -
Wet bias in GCMs minimize drought, heat wave risk in northeastern United States RGMA -

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