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Impacts of ice-shelf melting on water mass transformation in the Southern Ocean from E3SM simulations December 10, 2019
Coupling ice-shelf basal melt rates in the Energy Exascale Earth System (E3SM) Model December 10, 2019
Impacts of urban densification on neighborhood heat wave resilience December 10, 2019
Does Urban Population Predict Urban Imperviousness? December 10, 2019
Contrasting ITCZ changes over recent decades and under anthropogenic warming: causes and impacts December 10, 2019
Size affects the processing of polymer and monomer soil organic matter: An explanation of coupled temperature and moisture sensitivity of decomposition kinetics December 10, 2019
The impact of wildfire aerosols on near surface climate and gross primary production in the E3SM Earth System Model December 10, 2019
Bias and Constraints on Carbon Cycling in Tropical Forest Soils With Measurements and Modeling of Soil Carbon and Radiocarbon December 10, 2019
Uncertainty Quantification for the Duke Forest Ecosystem Modeling with the Ecosys Model December 10, 2019
Impact of Uncertainty in Injection Height of Emissions from Industrial and Shipping Sectors on Global Sulfur Dioxide and Aerosol Distributions (Invited) December 10, 2019
Investigating the utility of an idealized model in understanding the response of atmospheric rivers to climate change December 10, 2019
Projected Changes in the Terrestrial and Oceanic Regulators of Climate Variability Across Sub-Saharan Africa December 10, 2019
Rapid viscoelastic deformation slows marine ice sheet instability at Pine Island Glacier December 10, 2019
Relationships between secondary organic aerosol and physical properties of submicron particles over the Sao Paulo macro metropolis, Brazil December 10, 2019
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Index and its Application to the South African Development Community December 10, 2019
Upscaling the porosity-permeability relationship of a microporous carbonate to the Darcy scale using Darcy-Stokes-Brinkman-informed multivariate structural regression. December 10, 2019
What is the role of climate sensitivity in extreme sea-level rise scenarios? December 09, 2019
Ice-shelf ocean boundary layer dynamics from large-eddy simulations December 09, 2019
Early Results from the E3SM Global Storm-Resolving Model December 09, 2019
Comparing Top-Down and Bottom-Up Modeling Approaches to Simulate the Impacts of Climate and Population on Building Electricity Demand December 09, 2019
Process-oriented diagnosis of tropical cyclones in CMIP6 HighResMIP experiments December 09, 2019
A hierarchical Bayesian model to understand how regional climate variables and shifts in observational practices contributed to the U.S. tornado records December 09, 2019 Poster
The development of the Terrestrial Dynamical core (TDycore) library and it’s coupling with E3SM December 09, 2019
Cloud resolving climate modeling on upcoming Exascale computers (Invited) December 09, 2019
Evaluation of E3SM Atmospheric Simulations over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean December 09, 2019
Quantifying the adaptive water management decision in the San Juan River Basin under climate change December 09, 2019
Evaluation of the Energy Distribution Across Time Scale in the Power Spectra of Extratropical Modes of Variability December 09, 2019
Investigating the role of catchments as nonlinear filters for the propagation of droughts in the US December 09, 2019
Multiple-Time-Scale Dynamics of Tropical Forest Vegetation and Projections for Decision Support December 09, 2019
Evaluation of Nutrient Allocation Hypotheses in the Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES) December 09, 2019