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How to not miss the forests for the trees: Implementing a dynamic forest harvest model in a global multisector dynamics model under alternative scenarios. MSD -
Mesoscale Convective Systems in E3SMv2 with Default and New Cloud Microphysics and Convection Parameterizations RGMA -
Simulation of Compound Flooding using River-Ocean Two-way Coupled E3SM Ensemble on Variable-resolution Meshes ESMD -
Modeling Inter-Basin Water Transfer in E3SM: A Delaware River Basin Case Study ESMD -
Coevolution of future water, energy and land systems across the United States in response to national and global socioeconomic, climate, and energy policy drivers. MSD -
Urbanization-amplified Impacts of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Extreme Precipitation and Hail in Central United States RGMA -
Quantifying the Contribution to Western United States Wildfire Area Burned due to Trends in the El Niño Southern Oscillation and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation RGMA -
Naturally Plausible Impacts of Land-Atmosphere Interactions on the Great Plains Low-Level Jet and Hydroclimate RGMA -
Multi-model projections and their uncertainty, extreme characterization, and integrated modeling: the continued challenges in assigning numbers to the risk from climate change. ESMD MSD -
Impact of Emission Size Distribution of Primary Aerosols on the Aerosol Lifecycle and Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing in E3SM ESMD -
Observational constraints on the distribution of fine and coarse mode nitrate aerosols in global climate models ESMD -
Improving the Application of a Novel Model Conceptualization for Permafrost Simulation at Full-river Basin RGMA -
Impacts of Droughts and Heatwaves across the Western United States RGMA -
Antarctic Ice-Ocean Interactions in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model ESMD -
The importance of historical and paleoclimate aerosol radiative effects ESMD -
High latitude extreme poleward aerosol transport events (Aerosol Atmospheric Rivers) in E3SM and their impacts on the Arctic climate system during the MOSAiC campaign. RGMA -
Persistent Urban Heat MSD -
Measuring social inequality of flood impact under climate change: a case study of the 2021 flooding from the Remnants of Hurricane Ida MSD -
Advancing scenario discovery to identify impacts and consequential dynamics for complex multi-actor human-natural systems MSD -
Control of an Energy Balance Model around Sea-Ice Tipping Points RGMA -
Category 6 tropical cyclones RGMA -
Global fire modelling and control attributions based on the ensemble machine learning and satellite observations RGMA -
Creating New Standards to Simplify Earth System Model Analysis RGMA -
Large underestimation of urban surface emissivities in an Earth system model ESMD RGMA -
Unraveling the Tapestry of Extreme Precipitation from a Seasonality Perspective RGMA -
Impact of Extended Dry and Wet Precipitation Extremes on Decision-Relevant Flow in the Upper Mississippi River Basin RGMA MSD -
Probabilistic Storylines – Reconciling Extreme Value Theory with Deep Uncertainty to Understand Both the Dynamics and Likelihoods of Hydroclimate Extremes RGMA MSD -
Evaluating Data-Driven Forecasts of Extreme Weather RGMA -
In-situ Evaluation of Weather Phenomena in an ML Forecast Model RGMA -

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