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Preconditioning of Arctic summer sea ice via increasing poleward moisture transport and rainfall sourced from North America RGMA -
A differentiable, physics-informed ecosystem modeling: investigating the photosynthetic capacity parameterization RGMA -
Representing Microbial Dynamics and Organo-Mineral Interactions in the E3SM Land Model (ELM-ReSOM): Application to a Whole-Soil Warming Site RGMA -
Amplified MJO Detours over the Maritime Continent Induced by Cross Equatorial Surges RGMA -
Assessing Radiative Feedbacks and their Contribution to the Arctic Amplification Measured by Various Metrics RGMA -
Quantifying Uncertainty in the Rarity of Extreme Multivariate Weather and Climate Events RGMA -
Wintertime Extreme Warming Events in the High Arctic: Characteristics, Drivers, Trends, and the Role of Atmospheric Rivers RGMA -
A Domain-Informed, Data-Driven Approach to Streamflow Generation and Water Allocations MSD -
Sensitivity of Projected Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreat to Ice-Shelf Melt, Basal Friction, and Thermomechanical Coupling from 2000–2300 using the MALI Ice Sheet Model ESMD -
Historical Rain-on-Snow Flood Extremes in the US: Retrospective and Prospective Analyses ESMD -
Foresight – Global Change Analytics: Communicating Complex Science Through Interactive Dashboards MSD -
Improving projections of Antarctic Ice Sheet contribution to sea-level change by capturing interactions between gravitational, rotational and deformational effects of the solid Earth and ice sheet dynamics ESMD -
Generation of Internal Climate Variability to Force an Antarctic Ice Sheet Large Ensemble ESMD -
Uncertainty Quantification Study of Sea-Level Contribution from Amery Ice Shelf Basin using Statistical Emulation of a Perturbed Parameter Ice-Sheet Model Ensemble ESMD -
Southern Himalayas rainfall as a key driver of interannual variation of pre-monsoon aerosols over the Tibetan Plateau RGMA -
Modeling Extreme Events and their Future Changes RGMA -
Understanding regional patterns of warming-induced changes in lake evaporation and volumes RGMA -
How Might Historical Record Droughts in Texas Evolve and Impact Water Resources in a Warming Future? MSD -
Air-Sea Coupling Influence on Projected Changes in Major Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Statistics: Rainfall, Intensity, and Storm Surge RGMA -
A derecho climatology (2004-2021) in the U.S. based on machine learning identification of bow echoes RGMA -
Exceptional Stratospheric Contribution to Human Fingerprints on Atmospheric Temperature RGMA -
Using A Single-Column Model Framework to Understand Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Marine Boundary Layer Clouds: Evaluation Against ACTIVATE Field Measurements and Process-Level Models ESMD -
Influence of Climatological Biases in Clouds and Precipitation on Regional Cloud Feedbacks RGMA -
Extreme events in a warmer climate: more rain, less snow, and implications for adaptation RGMA -
Externally Forced and Internally Generated Changes in Extreme Rainfall Events RGMA -
Climate Warming Amplifies the Frequency of a Weather Pattern Linked to Wildfires in the Western United States RGMA -
Links between Seasonal Precipitation Intermittency and Soil Moisture Variability RGMA -
Evidence for Anthropogenic Aerosols-Driven Precipitation Decline over the U.S. Southwest RGMA -
Observed humidity trends in dry regions contradict climate models. RGMA -
Evaluation of the Regional Arctic System Model for Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Arctic Climate Prediction RGMA -

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