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Quantifying Contribution of Agricultural Soil Dust to Global INP Concentrations and Its Climate Effect (Invited Presentation) ESMD -
Near-Term Tropical Cyclone Risk and Coupled Earth System Model Biases (Invited Presentation) RGMA -
Contribution of Changes in Temperature Mean, Variability and Persistence to Heat Wave Occurrence in Urban Environments MSD -
Influence of Local Water Vapor Analysis Uncertainty on Ensemble Forecasts of Tropical Cyclogenesis Initialized via All-Sky Infrared and Microwave Radiance-based Data Assimilation RGMA -
The El Niño-Southern Oscillation Modulation of Tropical Cyclones in CMIP6 Models RGMA -
Workshop on Atmospheric and Urban Digital Twins RGMA -
Identifying Precursors of El Niño False Alarms RGMA -
Landfalling Tropical Cyclones: Directly Simulated vs. Statistically-Dynamically Downscaled RGMA MSD -
Evaluation of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Kilometer-Scale E3SM ESMD -
ARM Ground-Based Cloud Simulators and Their Applications to E3SM ESMD -
On the Extratropical Influence of Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation on Heat Extremes over Northwestern North America RGMA -
Impact of New Particle Formation on the Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing Estimate in E3SM ESMD -
A Neural Network Aerosol Optics Emulator for E3SM ESMD -
MJO-Induced Warm Pool Eastward Extension and Onset of the 2023 El Niño RGMA -
Quantifying the Range of the Dust Direct Radiative Effect Due to Source Mineralogy Uncertainty ESMD RGMA -
Isolating impacts of Urbanization and Lake Michigan on Chicago’s Climate and Heat Stress Disparities ESMD RGMA -
Understanding the Limits of Climate Prediction When Assessing Risk RGMA -
Tibetan Plateau Snow Cover: Future Snowpack Loss and Connections to Extreme Events RGMA -
Future Changes in Historically-Impactful Tropical Cyclone Events Using Convection-Permitting “Storyline” Simulations RGMA -
Learning data fusion and atmospheric forcing corrections using a physics-informed, differentiable hydrologic model RGMA -
Enhancing Predictability of Southern California Precipitation Using a Multi-Input Multi-Output Autoencoder Network RGMA -
Exploring the Relative and Combined Contribution of the MJO and ENSO to Midlatitude Subseasonal Predictability with an Interpretable Neural Network RGMA -
Key Notes on Investigating Aerosol Impacts on Deep Convective Clouds RGMA -
Diagnosing the ocean response to tropical Pacific westerly wind events in CMIP6 models RGMA -
Understanding Wind-Wave-Current Coupling on Hurricane Intensity and Coastal Impacts ESMD RGMA MSD -
ENSO teleconnections to US winter precipitation extremes in DOE’s E3SM’s Multiscale Modeling Framework Configuration ESMD -
Distinct Impacts of Global Warming on Mesoscale Convective Systems and Isolated Deep Convection in the Eastern United States RGMA -
Evaluating DOE's Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) for Renewable Wind and Solar Energy Production ESMD -
Huge Ensembles (HENS) of Weather Extremes using the Fourier Forecasting Neural Network (FourCastNet) RGMA -
Precipitation hazards viewed through "grey swan" tropical cyclones simulated by 3km Earth system models (Invited) RGMA MSD -

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